The Dudley Chateau

Wayland's Favorite Hangout

Wayland's Favorite HangoutWayland's Favorite Hangout

About Us

Located on the eastern edge of Dudley Pond in the small community of Wayland, MA, the Dudley Chateau serves up sparkling sunsets, a wide choice of its signature burgers, and beverages for all ages and stages in life. 

"The Chat" (pronounced "Shat"), as it's known among affectionate regulars, has a colorful history. It was originally built in the early 1920s as a private fishing lodge. During Prohibition, it became a speakeasy, complete with a little peephole in the door. After that, it was a men's drinking club for the likes of baseball greats Babe Ruth and Ted Williams. Then it became The Chat, featuring food, drink, and a million-dollar view. A hometown family favorite, The Chat is often used as a spot for a small party, charity event, or a benefit for a local youth sports team. 

Current owner/managers Ken and Mandy Phillips want to maintain the character and feel of the "old Chat," while making it comfortable for today's generations of customers. "The bottom line," they say, "is that we'd like everyone who comes up the stairs here to feel welcome."